During initial consultations we often hear our clients say things like:

“Diets don’t work for me.”

“I diet all the time and never lose any weight!”

“Gluten free diet, no carb diet, caveman diet … help!”

“After I had my children, the weight just won’t come off.”

We’ve seen first-hand the power that good nutrition, education and behavior modification has had on improving our clients’ health. Here is what just a few of our past clients have said about their weight wellness™ journey:

“When I was down sized after 14 years with the same company is when I started gaining weight. My job was the only thing down sized, my clothes were getting up sized. My schedule changed, I was depressed, the financial stress – were all leading to my weight gain. And as I didn’t get job after job, I was turning to food more and more. It got to the point where I had nothing to wear to an interview and no money to go shopping. When I squeezed into something, I had no confidence in how I looked, let alone my ability to get the job! That was my bottom. Jennifer was an inspirational, non-judgmental “teacher” that helped me get back on track. Not just with my weight, but with my approach to stress, and my confidence. The day I finally got offered a position, Jennifer was the phone call I made right after my husband. That was over 2 years and 56 pounds ago. I still check in with Jennifer for maintenance and look forward to following her to Weight Wellness Center. Good Luck Jen! And Thank you!”
– Abigail W.

Jennifer was a key factor in my weight loss of over 50 pounds. Nutritionists need to have empathy, and a sense of humor, and a game plan for dealing with the inevitable facts of family life (your relatives want to feed you because they love you, even if it is glaringly apparent that eating too much is slowly killing you.) She’s warm, funny, completely armed with the best information about nutrition, and she’s on your side 110% with ideas, strategies, and encouragement. You need her in your corner.
– P. P.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer as her assistant for a few years. She is loved by her patients because of her love and compassion to her profession.. She has had such a high success rate because of her personal approach to her patients. I have personally seen patients come in at their lowest. She has such a positive, realistic approach that patients take to her so very quickly and change the way they feel almost immediately.. She has a way of making people feel that they are not alone and teaches them on nutrition and realistic day to day living. Her kind and very realistic approach is what makes her unique and loved by all. She is a true professional. I am very fortunate to have worked with her”

-Angie P

“Being in the health and fitness industry for over twenty years, I frequently come across fad diets and other gimmicks to get people to lose weight. This [Weight wellness Center] center is one of the best I have ever come across in terms of knowledge, customer service, and most importantly effectiveness. Thank you, Jennifer, and your amazing staff in bringing so many to their weight loss and nutritional goals!”

Peter Tuccino, Owner, Dragon Spirit Mixed Martial Arts


“This place is great.  I needed to lose weight after trying on my own for years after my son was born.  I just couldn’t do it.  Jennifer at WWC has helped get me on my way, it is easy, I’m not hungry and I’m learning what works for me and what doesn’t.  It’s only been 3 weeks but I am down a dress size already and I have more energy.  check them out.  They will have cooking demos and a teaching garden too.  A cool approach to learning all about food.”

-Jessica B.


“Losing 97 pounds in eight months changed my life. It wouldn’t have been possible but for the help of Jennifer., she cares about much more than caloric intake and pounds gained or lost. During each visit she reviewed my food diary and took time to listen to me, helping me figure out triggers for my bad eating habits and ways of creating new healthier eating habits. As a result I now look forward to eating healthier foods which will insure that I keep my weight off long term and not gain it back as I had in the past.

Each week as I lost weight and saw my fat percentage drop from 48.6 to 18, and my fat weight drop from 262.5 to 166, I felt like I was visiting a friend who was as committed to my weight loss as was I. Now that I have reached my goal weight, my only regret is that instead of seeing my new friend on a regular basis I only stop in to make sure I am maintaining my new weight as well as eating healthy.”



“Can’t thank WWC enough for helping with my journey. Failure is not an option for me ….. nothing feels quite as good as going shopping for smaller size clothes & actually not hesitating to look in the mirror.”



“After my son met with [her] last week, he said as we walked to the car ‘Jennifer is a great nutritionist!'”


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