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  1. Grand Opening Schedule of Events Jan. 1 & 2

    All events are FREE!!! Friday January 2, 2015 Noon: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Lyndhurst Mayor Robert B. Giangeruso. It’s official … WWC is OPEN!!! 1pm:…

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  2. Fad diet tricks never did work

    If only weight loss was this simple! But it doesn’t have to be hard, just realistic. WWC has a plan for weight loss, weight maintenance…

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  3. Give Knees a Chance!

    Once you start losing weight, climbing stairs without experiencing shortness of breath will be possible. Osteoarthritis in the knees will improve as the extra stress…

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  4. Blog

    DID YOU KNOW… Weight Wellness Center is a satellite location for Montclair State University graduate students to fulfill their research requirements? Spring 2017 research on…

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  6. Media

    4 Creative Lunch Ideas for Back-to-School School lunches can be a challenge for picky eaters. Take a look at some creative inspiration from Jennifer Burns…

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  7. Welcome

  8. About Us

    At Weight Wellness Center we use the latest in scientific research combined with clinical experience to empower you to get on the road to vibrant,…

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  9. Testimonials

    During initial consultations we often hear our clients say things like: “Diets don’t work for me.” “I diet all the time and never lose any…

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    Weight Wellness Center 550 Valley Brook Ave. Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 Tel: 201.636.2143 Visit us on Facebook