Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts

Weight Wellness Center offers a wonderful opportunity for the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey to earn their Cook Badges by participating in super fun, super educational cooking classes! Plus, we can travel to you*! We also offer customized classes if you’re just looking for a unique activity for your troop to participate in. Call or email for more information!

Brownies: Snack Badge
Juniors: Simple Meals Badge
Cadettes: New Cuisines Badge
Seniors: Locavores Badge
Ambassadors: Dinner Party Badge

Some examples of badges that can be achieved at Weight Wellness Center:
Daisy Badge:  Leadership Award – The Golden Honey Bee Award
Brownie Badges: Brownie Legacy National Proficiency Badge:
                                 Naturalist – Bugs
                                 Cook – Snacks*
Junior Badges:  Jr. National Proficiency Badges:

                                 Agent of Change/Skill Building Badge – Staying Fit

                                 Get Moving! Skill Building Badge Set – Gardener
                                 Jr. Legacy National Proficiency Badge:
                                 Cook – Simple Meals*
Cadette Badges: Associated National Proficiency Badge:
                                 Eating for Beauty*
                                 Cadette Legacy National Proficiency Badge:
                                 Cook – New Cuisines*
Senior Badges:  Senior Leadership Journey Awards:
                               Sow What? It’s Your Planet, Love It! – Harvest Award
Ambassador Badge:  Ambassador Legacy National Proficiency Badge:
                               Cook – Dinner Party*

Cost: Brownies & Daisies = $15 per girl

Juniors = $20 per girl

Ambassadors= $25
(Cost includes recipes, ingredients, supplies, & materials needed)
* additional fees may apply

Please contact us for more details and scheduling information