WWC KIDS – Summer Program

“Ready? Set? Get Healthy!”

8 Week Summer Program 2017

If your child has poor study habits, is struggling in math or reading – you get them help.

You hire a tutor and use the summer break to get them on track for the next year.

Consider WWC KIDS your Food Tutors, here to help your child create better habits, change their health and change their life – One Forkful At A Time!

The best intentions get sidetracked during the school year.  Busy lives,  running here and there,  no time to cook,  no time to prepare … no time for anything it seems.  This is life. Eating on the run becomes habit, desserts become snacks or even breakfast! Fruits and veggies take a back seat to convenience.  This all comes crashing to a halt when the pediatrician or school nurse tells you that your child has gained significant weight since their last visit.

But poor food habits can be hard to break.  That’s when you call in a professional – a food tutor.  You call WWC KIDS!

WWC KIDS helps your child learn about better food choices and nutrition. 

We teach your child how to make food work for them … not against them!  

They gain confidence in themselves and their ability to make it happen! 

The 8 week program includes:

  • Private consultation
  • Weekly weigh ins that fit your schedule
  • Review of food journal at each visit
  • Parental inclusion in private WWC KIDS online group
  • Monthly measurements
  • Gender/age/activity specific eating plan
  • All WWC KIDS nutritional snack/meal replacement products
  • 2 WWC KIDS two hour group sessions including hands on cooking class
  • Cost: $900 per child

Starting dates: Week of June 19, June 26, July 10

*no sessions 7/1 to 7/9

Going on vacation? Don’t worry – we have it covered!  Skype, facetime, texts … we will be in touch so they stay on track!

Weight Wellness Center / WWC KIDS

550 Valley Brook Ave., Lyndhurst, NJ 07070

99 Kinderkamack Rd Ste. 100, Westwood NJ, 07675

201-636-2143     info@weightwellnesscenter.com

After many months of planning, plotting, and one successful Kickstarter campaign later,

WWC is proud to present…

Food Happens: A Teaching Garden!

Wow – that was 2 years ago! Summer 2017 it’s going on the road!

WWC will be bringing our garden/nutrition programs to camps senior centers and libraries around the area.

We are launching our Ready? Set? Get Healthy! – WWC KIDS program

at our centers to get your children into better, healthier eating behaviors this summer.


A little about our garden:

Opening the back door of WWC, you will be met with nothing more than a fenced-in concrete lot. To many, this would not be an ideal place to start a garden. But to us, it was a blank canvas! We decided to create a garden using up-cycled containers, used palettes, and straw bales as the perfect homes for our greens.


And as you can see, these plants are very happy in their new homes!


We decided to create a summer camp program for children where they could learn everything about gardening, nutrition, and cooking!

In the garden…kids will experience:

  • Getting their hands dirty with basic gardening skills
  • Learning about seeds, plants, and the environment
  • How to tend to seeds and plants
  • Harvesting fruits, vegetables, and herbs

In the kitchen… kids will enjoy:

  • Fun kitchen competitions and cook-offs
  • Learning about nutrition with easy tips & tricks
  • Having tasting events
  • Learning about basic and kid-friendly cooking methods

Our program is designed for the benefit of your child:

  • Trying new foods
  • Lifelong skills (measuring, serving sizes)
  • Dexterity
  • Mental stimulation
  • Low pressure social interaction

Studies have proven that the more involved children are in food preparation, the more willing they will be to try the food. Picky eaters welcome!

WWC food happens camp brochure (click to download the PDF)