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How you’ll feel at goal


How you’ll feel at goal on Biteable.

WWC and Montclair State University

DID YOU KNOW… Weight Wellness Center is a satellite location for Montclair State University graduate students to fulfill their research requirements?
Spring 2017 research by Asem Alshamah on pediatric collaboration with nutrition educators to address the epidemic of overweight and obese weight status in children.
Our approach to helping all our clients is evidence based.

Nutrition on the Run seminar: Mason Jar Salads

Last night we hosted an event called ‘Nutrition on the Run: Mason jar salads’. In just an hour, we demonstrated how to prepare and assemble 4 beautiful and healthy salads that will last in the fridge for up to a week! It was great to spend some time with our clients and friends, sharing new tips and information and also helping them connect and support each other.

Please join us for our next events posted on the calender! 201-636-2143


Our Mason jar salads! Perfectly combined to fit each loser’s diet. Each jar fulfills the macronutrients for one lunch, so making them all at once will save time, money, and keep your diet on track!

From left to right: asian inspired salad with persimmons, Scicilian fennel and arugula salad, Southwestern salad, and the Autumn salad with added fruits! 


Some of our awesome Losers & friends! It was so great having everyone together to interact and give support and motivation. In this picture we have some of our newest clients as well as our first client! 12048741_10156109414520296_733922239_n
Louis & Minerva, the perfect example of a successful weight loss team! Both of these guys have been reducing their medications, making better dietary choices, and also visiting the tailor to take in their clothes! 12053244_10156109414525296_1572540060_n
Our delicious salads, each one is a complete serving for lunch! Filling up on the good stuff will help you lose weight and feel amazing!

Why is cooking important for doctors?


Teaching students to cook now makes them better doctors later (click here to read more)


A report published by the American Academy of Family Physicians announced that a grant was awarded to West Virginia University to teach third year medical students about nutrition, culinary science and exercise. Noting that chronic disease practice guidelines routinely call for lifestyle change and that FEWER THAN ONE IN FOUR PHYSICIANS FEEL ADEQUATELY TRAINED TO COUNSEL PATIENTS about making such changes, a new program, called Medical Curriculum in Health, Exercise, and Food Science, has been introduced in West Virginia to teach medical students about healthy eating.
Doctors are already under a time crunch. In the 5-15 minutes they spend with you in the exam room there is a lot to cover. Even with this training for future physicians it will be hard to get the information, motivation and counseling you need.

That is why Weight Wellness Center, LLC was created. To educate you NOW about all things food and nutrition, one on one, with the culinary element available in our teaching kitchen.
We are ahead of the curve … work with us to meet your weight wellness goals!
Call today to schedule your FREE consultation and Body Composition Analysis! 


Weight Wellness Center kid’s summer camp



We are happy to share that our latest summer camp session (from 8/25-8/27) was a success! Our focus was on healthy ideas for back to school. Take a look at some pictures from the week:

Baked ‘around the world’ egg rolls

Salad on a stick


Baked chicken empanadas11944914_10155987061345296_324858848_n

Some of our awesome campers11938084_10155987061355296_856929806_n

Egg rolls out of the oven- they smelled amazing!11937979_10155987061305296_1256418761_n

Nico, Olivia, & Lessi 🙂

Olivia’s toast art11925976_10155987061320296_1842245784_n

Owl toast art with hummus and cucumbers11922080_10155987061325296_165774199_n

Sophie’s toast art11913582_10155987061365296_331628155_n

Nico’s toast art

Campers decorating breakfast banana splits11911374_10155987061360296_1885916296_n

Calli & Margaret putting an egg wash on the empanadas11910936_10155987061300296_854585107_n

Michael’s toast art11910639_10155987061310296_1257979042_n

Pepper & egg ‘flowers’11759489_10155987061375296_1538766929_n

Breakfast banana split with chia seeds and Greek yogurt

What’s new in print

FullSizeRender 3

September 2015 issue of Food & Wine magazine

We came across some great ideas for romaine salads from the new issue of Food & Wine magazine.

Take a look at the creative, healthy, and delicious additions!

FullSizeRender 2


Heres a better look at the citrus vinaigrette recipe:



And did you know that you can actually grill your lettuce before turning it into a salad?


Click here to see the recipe


Meet our scarecrows!


Thanks to the creative kids of our Food Happens summer camp program,we now have 3 scarecrows watching over the garden! Each scarecrow was dedicated to a generous donation from our Kickstarter fund.


This is ‘Dear’, dedicated in memory of Thomas & Bernadette Hooper


Next is ‘Emily’, who is dedicated in memory of Emily Specchio & the Emily Specchio Foundation

(Daisies were a special addition!)

IMG_2122 And finally we have ‘Bella’ the fairy scarecrow, donated by the Zambrano Family.

IMG_2117Here’s all of the great kids that helped bring these scarecrows to life!

Huge thanks for all of the support & donations 🙂


Re-grow foods with kitchen scraps!

Here is an awesome list of 19 foods you can re-grow with your old vegetable scraps!

Simple, fun, and who doesn’t love free produce??

regrow-food-scraps-embedClick here for more

Quit smoking, lose weight!

Studies have shown that obese and overweight women that smoke are more likely to be concerned about weight gain after they stop smoking which has a negative effect on their ability to quit as well as the incidence of relapse.  Heavy smokers experience a greater weight gain after they stop smoking than lighter smokers, women tend to gain more then men.

When you LOSE WEIGHT you improve your health in many ways including:
When you STOP SMOKING you improve your health in many ways including:
When you STOP SMOKING AND LOSE WEIGHT you improve your financial future in may ways including:
Do this for yourself.  Do this for your loved ones.  Do this for your future.  Call us now.  Put down the smokes, pick up the phone today! 201-636-2143

Beat the Freshman 15 Club


You helped your child do well in school, the college acceptance letter arrived in the mail, cap and gown all pressed, pomp and circumstance are playing … HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION TIME IS HERE!
This summer get your son or daughter started on the right track. Sign them up for our “Beat the Freshman 15” Club. Their membership will include weekly visits at WWC this summer and at breaks. During the semester they’ll stay in touch through emails, texts, facetime or skype.


Basic club plan starts at $398 for 6 months and includes a Resting Metabolic Rate test to determine their caloric burn. (A $125 value – our graduation gift to them). Call now to get them started on their bright, healthful future!