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At Weight Wellness Center we use the latest in scientific research combined with clinical experience to empower you to get on the road to vibrant, good health.

I am often asked how I came to be a nutritionist, and how did Weight Wellness Center™ come to be?

It started with this…
The catalyst. My inspiration. My muse. My daughter.

and this…
Blank Canvas

Here I had this amazing little person that I nurtured for 9 months, making sure I ate the right things, got enough sleep, listened to classical music (yes, I was that Mom!) to make her healthy as I carried her.

Now, she was here, and I realized that she was a blank canvas and I was the artist that would create, foster, and nourish her relationship with food for the rest of her life. I wasn’t going to be the “finish your plate there are starving children” parent of my childhood. Nor the “No dessert unless you eat your peas” parent either. Heady stuff to be sure. But a responsibility I took on with determination and passion! And that is were the journey that led to the creation of the Weight Wellness Center™ began.

Having worked with patients that had health issues related to their weight status, many of which described the scenarios above as reasons for their adult eating behaviors, I was determined to devote my career to food and diet. With the creation of the Weight Wellness Center™ I can do just that! I am committed to you, my future client and your weight wellness™. Now its your turn. Call today for a free consultation! 201-636-2143


Our philosophy is simple and steeped in Hippocrates timeless wisdom, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

At Weight Wellness Center™ we believe that your weight wellness™ starts with two words. Diet and Food.

Diet (noun) – The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

Food (noun) – Any nutritious substance that people … eat or drink … in order to maintain life and growth.

– Oxford Dictionaries

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