We are happy to share that our latest summer camp session (from 8/25-8/27) was a success! Our focus was on healthy ideas for back to school. Take a look at some pictures from the week:

Baked ‘around the world’ egg rolls

Salad on a stick


Baked chicken empanadas11944914_10155987061345296_324858848_n

Some of our awesome campers11938084_10155987061355296_856929806_n

Egg rolls out of the oven- they smelled amazing!11937979_10155987061305296_1256418761_n

Nico, Olivia, & Lessi 🙂

Olivia’s toast art11925976_10155987061320296_1842245784_n

Owl toast art with hummus and cucumbers11922080_10155987061325296_165774199_n

Sophie’s toast art11913582_10155987061365296_331628155_n

Nico’s toast art

Campers decorating breakfast banana splits11911374_10155987061360296_1885916296_n

Calli & Margaret putting an egg wash on the empanadas11910936_10155987061300296_854585107_n

Michael’s toast art11910639_10155987061310296_1257979042_n

Pepper & egg ‘flowers’11759489_10155987061375296_1538766929_n

Breakfast banana split with chia seeds and Greek yogurt