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Meet our scarecrows!


Thanks to the creative kids of our Food Happens summer camp program,we now have 3 scarecrows watching over the garden! Each scarecrow was dedicated to a generous donation from our Kickstarter fund.


This is ‘Dear’, dedicated in memory of Thomas & Bernadette Hooper


Next is ‘Emily’, who is dedicated in memory of Emily Specchio & the Emily Specchio Foundation

(Daisies were a special addition!)

IMG_2122 And finally we have ‘Bella’ the fairy scarecrow, donated by the Zambrano Family.

IMG_2117Here’s all of the great kids that helped bring these scarecrows to life!

Huge thanks for all of the support & donations 🙂


Re-grow foods with kitchen scraps!

Here is an awesome list of 19 foods you can re-grow with your old vegetable scraps!

Simple, fun, and who doesn’t love free produce??

regrow-food-scraps-embedClick here for more