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Quit smoking, lose weight!

Studies have shown that obese and overweight women that smoke are more likely to be concerned about weight gain after they stop smoking which has a negative effect on their ability to quit as well as the incidence of relapse.  Heavy smokers experience a greater weight gain after they stop smoking than lighter smokers, women tend to gain more then men.

When you LOSE WEIGHT you improve your health in many ways including:
When you STOP SMOKING you improve your health in many ways including:
When you STOP SMOKING AND LOSE WEIGHT you improve your financial future in may ways including:
Do this for yourself.  Do this for your loved ones.  Do this for your future.  Call us now.  Put down the smokes, pick up the phone today! 201-636-2143

Beat the Freshman 15 Club


You helped your child do well in school, the college acceptance letter arrived in the mail, cap and gown all pressed, pomp and circumstance are playing … HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION TIME IS HERE!
This summer get your son or daughter started on the right track. Sign them up for our “Beat the Freshman 15” Club. Their membership will include weekly visits at WWC this summer and at breaks. During the semester they’ll stay in touch through emails, texts, facetime or skype.


Basic club plan starts at $398 for 6 months and includes a Resting Metabolic Rate test to determine their caloric burn. (A $125 value – our graduation gift to them). Call now to get them started on their bright, healthful future!



Featured Item

Here’s one of our current favorites!


True Citrus products

Why we like them:

  • Low in calories- 10 or less per serving
  • Contains no artificial sweetener, gluten, preservatives, or flavorings
  • No sugar
  • Has 100% of daily vitamin C needs!
  • Easily portable
  • A great way to add delicious flavor to any beverage!

Another benefit is that this company supports Feeding America  (click for more info)



Great alternative to powdered or sugary drinks. Stay hydrated!