Hello everyone, here is a quick recap from Food & Nutrition magazine


We found an interesting article featuring apps that will help you explore healthy eating options, characterize sugar content, and even monitor brain function


Our personal favorites (in no order) included:

  • Sugar Cube (available for apple devices) provides a visual aid to show the sugar content of food and beverages. It also translates grams to teaspoons, to packets for better visual representation.
  • Healthy Out (available for Android & Apple devices) shows nearby restaurants which provide lighter and healthier options for dining out. Very useful because you can choose your meal before you get there and won’t have to battle temptations.
  • Ness (available for apple devices) is another tool for dining out, but incorporates a wider variety of cuisines and locations. Also helpful because it allows you to make reservations through Open Table.

Keep checking back for updates on the latest in nutrition & food trends!