Spices are everything. Entire civilizations have been funded and localized around herbs and spices. Ancient Egyptians were wrapped and buried with their spices. They evoke memories and bring dimension to food, without contributing any calories, carbs, or fat. And furthermore, spices and herbs have been shown to reduce inflammation and incorporate an array of health benefits!

Try them. Cook with them. Love them.

Don’t limit yourself to the spice aside in the supermarket! Local ethnic markets will be a fantastic place to find unique spices and condiments, often at a more reasonable price.

We found some great ideas at Shape.com, click this link to take a look: click here

Also, here is an interesting article about spices and their health benefits: click here

Also, stay tuned for our next big event at WWC:

we plan on hosting a tasting and preparation demo on how to incorporate spices, herbs,

and condiments into your diet for maximum flavor and health benefits! Perfect way to kick off

spring and summer by adding brightness to your meals and snacks.

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