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Cooking with Kidstir

The best way to encourage picky eaters to try new things is to involve them in the preparation of meals.

And what better way to do that than with cooking classes tailored to children!


WWC and Kidstir have partnered to create monthly cooking classes that train little chefs in

kitchen safety,cooking skills, nutrition, and gardening!


This is Chef April Stearns, our lovely culinary instructor! She has a passion for cooking, backed by a degree from the Culinary Institute of America. She also has extensive experience in restaurant and catering businesses.

April is a wonderful teacher, and will make sure that your child has fun throughout the entire class with hands-on activities and engaging lesson plans. Don’t be surprised if they come home with a new vocabulary of classical cooking terms!

Here are some of the pictures from our cooking class on saturday, April 18th:


Professional chef gear for chefs in training


Plenty of tasks for everyone to participate in!


Preparing our first salad as a team


Our finished products! In this lesson, the kids made a colorful Cobb salad, sunny southwestern salad with blue corn tortilla chips, and a rainbow-in-a-bowl fruit salad for dessert!


A few of our chefs tasting their creations! Everyone will be encouraged to taste what they make, but eating the food is not required.

Our only rule is that you can’t say anything is yucky!


Throughout the lesson, all of the food scraps went into these two bowls…


…which went into the compost bin after! Here is Jennifer with the chefs, explaining how a compost bin can be

a great addition to any household. (To read more about compost bins, click here)

Testimonials from our chefs in training are on the way!

Please give us a call to schedule your kids for cooking lessons: (201) 636- 2143



Spices are everything. Entire civilizations have been funded and localized around herbs and spices. Ancient Egyptians were wrapped and buried with their spices. They evoke memories and bring dimension to food, without contributing any calories, carbs, or fat. And furthermore, spices and herbs have been shown to reduce inflammation and incorporate an array of health benefits!

Try them. Cook with them. Love them.

Don’t limit yourself to the spice aside in the supermarket! Local ethnic markets will be a fantastic place to find unique spices and condiments, often at a more reasonable price.

We found some great ideas at, click this link to take a look: click here

Also, here is an interesting article about spices and their health benefits: click here

Also, stay tuned for our next big event at WWC:

we plan on hosting a tasting and preparation demo on how to incorporate spices, herbs,

and condiments into your diet for maximum flavor and health benefits! Perfect way to kick off

spring and summer by adding brightness to your meals and snacks.

Call for more information: (201)-636-2143

Almost time to start the garden

20150404_114526Today was a great day because it was very sunny (albeit, windy), but we put together the raised garden bed!

Special thanks go out to Mrs. Pamela Peterson who helped us with the assembly, thanks Pam!



Above ground gardening is great because it’s easier for planting and digging (no back pain!)

We can’t wait to get some soil and seeds down. Let us know if you have any other ideas for the garden!


Wishing you a happy holiday and plenty of sunshine 🙂

P.S. don’t forget about our kickstarter fund so we can really make the most of our garden space!

Please try to donate and spread the word!

click here for the kickstarter page


What’s new in print

Finally a beautiful day, hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine!


With that in mind, has anyone considered a spring cleaning of your snacking habit? The current issue of Food & Nutrition Magazine (courtesy of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics) features some great recipes for roasted chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans). These little guys bring a slew of fiber and protein which will help you feel satisfied and energized. They’re also great because they are a nutritional blank canvas! Roast and season them with whatever flavor profile you like. F&N magazine suggested:

  • Ginger-sesame
  • Cayenne-maple
  • Brown sugar-nutmeg

Find recipes and directions here: Roasted chickpeas three ways

We suggest trying:

  • Lemon zest & Old Bay seasoning
  • Siracha & garlic
  • or skip seasoning and drizzle roasted chickpeas in dark chocolate! Add a dash of sea salt too 🙂

Keep in mind, one carb serving will be about 2 ounces of chickpeas (110 calories, 16 grams of carbs)

Be aware of the calories in your additives! Nutrition info for plain chick peas: click here


Another interesting section was F&N’s app reviews


Smartphones, tablets, and laptops aren’t going anywhere so we might as well use them to our advantage!

See if there are any apps that can help you stay motivated, organized, or mindful

Take a look here: Food Apps

Hope you find this interesting and helpful, please take a look at F&N’s website for more recipes and inspiration