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Taste Testing Event

No food is healthy until you eat it! So  we decided to put on a dinner event for our Loser group, showing members and friends how easy it can be to plan meals, shave off calories, increase flavors, and prepare amazing dishes.

All of the featured recipes were variations of our Weight Wellness Center brand supplements. Thank you to Fabi, our intern, for creating these amazing dishes! We also wanted to introduce the line of Walden Farms products that we now sell in store at WWC. The goal of this event was to demonstrate how combinations of the supplements with low-calorie spices, condiments, veggies, or lean protein, can create a delicious meal that sheds the label “diet food.”

Take a look at some pictures from the event. We hope to see you there next time!


Jennifer prepping some demo items



Introducing our new Walden Farms products



Layered Mason salad– perfect for meal prep and completely portable


Some of our favorite flavorings and store brands


ATT_1426870060425_20150319_201131One of our desserts- Tangy Lemon Pudding with Fresh Strawberries to dip



Thanks again for coming! Looking forward to offering more events in the near future

And don’t forget to spread the word! Your weight wellness journey will be much easier and more enjoyable

when surrounded by supportive friends and family 🙂


Earth Day- April 22

Weight Wellness Center will be celebrating Earth Day and we would love for you and your family to join us! For $15, we will be giving a children’s book reading, a craft, and finishing with a treat. A portion of the profits going towards bee conservation efforts worldwide.

BBB cover

Author Jennifer Burns Katafigiotis (Founder / Owner Weight Wellness Center, LLC ) will be reading her book, Belinda Bumble Bee – A tale about a young bee that leaves the hive and gets lost. This is a story that both children and adults can learn from… Belinda Bumble Bee presents a whimsical look at a very serious matter: Colony Collapse Disorder. According to a 2011 United Nations report, of the 100 crop species that supply 90 percent of the world’s food, bees pollinate more than 70 percent. Their survival is essential to ours! Children will learn to respect Belinda’s fuzzy buzzy friends and want to help them as a result!

Available as an ebook only – in keeping with goals to lower our carbon footprint and save trees.

This event will be on April 22nd, from 4 – 5:30 pm


Kids in the Kitchen

Weight Wellness Center is on a mission to spark a love of nutritious foods in kids with the help of our new partnership; California based Kidstir.  Every month will debut an exciting culinary theme that will come to life with kid-friendly cooking kits. Your child will be educated, engaged & empowered to learn about new cuisines and techniques! Picky eaters and food-lovers alike will love the hands-on activities.

April class schedule:

  • Wednesday April 15th at 4 pm


  • Saturday April 18th at 1 pm


Sign up now, class size is limited to 10 children. $35 per class includes all recipes, tools of the trade for your child to keep, and a chef’s hat. Three recipes are made at each class. Pre-pay for our three month cooking class series featuring new recipes each month for $100 and get a free personalized recipe card binder.

Kids in the kitchen … they get creative and learn their way around real food, we clean up the mess!

Call today to sign up! 201-636-2143


–> –> –>  Please note that all classes will be safe and supervised. We must be informed about any food allergies/sensitivities prior to classes. No child will be forced to eat the food, but we will encourage them to try a bite 🙂

Art Kids Academy and WWC team up!

Starting On March 14th, 2015 Art Kids Academy will be bringing their children’s art school to Weight Wellness Center.  Our classroom setting is perfect for all those budding Picasso’s out there to learn and grow into their own unique artist.  Moms and Dads, drop off your child for a class and step on the scale and meet with a WWC staff member to get yourself on track with your Weight Wellness.  One stop shopping!  Lose weight, gain knowledge, tap into creativity.